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Featured Predictors

  • College Majors
    • Rating
      Responses 106
    This survey will predict a college major that you will enjoy and be successful in.
  • What Pet Should I Get?
    • Rating
      Responses 115
    If you're looking for a new pet, this survey will predict the type of pet that you will enjoy most.

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Everyone struggles with making the best decision. Our predictors make your choices easier.

Need help picking a college major or fuzzy animal companion? Every predictor is an expert on a particular topic. Answer questions for an expert opinion.

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  • Is it free?

    100% Free!

  • Is it anonymous?

    Yes! We do not sell user data or question answers. We never show your answers to another user.

  • What is a predictor?

    A mix of survey and machine learning. Our custom artificial intelligence looks at your answers to offer a personal suggestion.

  • How do predictors make suggestions?

    Predictors use knowledge from thousands of people, and hand tailor that wisdom to your personality.

  • Who makes these predictors?

    Predictors are made by people like you. Anyone can create a predictor.

  • Who made Clever Surveys?

    This entire website is made by one researcher of artificial intelligence.

  • Why did you make Clever Surveys?

    As someone who feels anxiety when faced with hard choices, I sympathize with everyone facing a tough decision. Thanks to years of research, you don't have to guess or struggle through.

  • I have a question that's not listed.

    Feel free to contact us!

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