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Predictor For:
Dwarf Fortress: Fortress Mode Challenge and Goal

By Magnnus
Responses 139

After filling this survey, predicts your answers to:

  • What is your favorite challenge?
  • What is your favorite goal?
  • What is your preferred "Savagery"?
  • What is your preferred "Evil"?
  • What is your preferred "Temperature"?

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  • I am always prepared.
  • I like order.
  • I am easily angered or annoyed.
  • I am often stressed out.
  • I am easily made unhappy.
  • I like being challenged.
  • I like taking risks.
  • I like being in control.
  • I am very patient.
  • When playing a game, how focused do you prefer to be?
  • How much do you like !!FUN!!?
  • Have you been to the circus (in Dwarf Fortress)? If you don't know what this is, the answer is "No".
  • How often do you play Adventure Mode vs. Fortress Mode?
  • About how many hours of Dwarf Fortress have you played? (If > 1000, answer 1000)
  • About how many years have you been playing Dwarf Fortress? (If > 12, answer 12)
  • How big do you make your Dwarf bedrooms (or plan to)?
  • How do you cloth your Dwarves (or plan to)?
  • How would you prefer to defend your fortress?
  • How willing are you to self impose restrictions?
  • Do you prefer to focus on fun (at the expense of function) or entirely on function?
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